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Make Mortgage Consulting LLC your first and last stop. In 18 months, 3 projects and great profits with little to nothing out of pocket. Currently purchasing 2 more houses at one time. Ryan and his team do everything they say they will. It’s not just about money here. Thanks for the mentorship and helping me realize the difference in a dream and a goal.

– Travis Tate

I was upside down on my home and thought foreclosure was the only option. After speaking with Mortgage Consulting, LLC I learned about a possible short sale. Ryan set me up with a short sale negotiating firm in June. By December my property was sold and foreclosure was averted. I didn’t have to pay a penny for anything. The bank ended up taking a $110K loss on the property, but did not hold me accountable for any of the deficit. I would have never known this was possible if I had not picked up the phone. I highly recommend Ryan and his short sale team.

– Christy and Eric D.

I came with no money, no experience, but knew I had a winning property. I ended up making $27K in 4 months. Thanks Ryan!
– Chris J

Using Mortgage Consulting, LLC for same day transactional funding was seamless. I double closed a deal with none of the hassles I had previously had with other hard money lenders.
– Christi S.

I have been using hard money lenders for years... I never wanted to use my own cash, but everyone else wanted a piece of the pie upfront. You were the first hard money lender that rolled everything into the loan, deferred my monthly interest payments and did not charge me for the weekly inspections fees… I will hands down refer you out to all of my investor friends.
– Joe G.

I am a contractor and have worked with Ryan on 3 separate deals. The best thing about Ryan is when he says I am getting paid for the work I completed, the money is there… Other hard money lenders, it’s like pulling teeth to get paid….Whenever one of Ryan’s clients asks me to do a job, I drop everything and work with Ryan, because I know I am getting paid.
- John Mitchell, Mitchell Home Improvement