17 Nov 2022

Meet Halfway Definition

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“If you can`t meet me halfway, we won`t be a couple much longer. — thought my colleague would meet me halfway, but I was forced to do more work when she didn`t finish her own tasks. “Why don`t we meet halfway through this project?” We can`t both have everything we want and still achieve something. “My roommates never met me halfway through cleaning, so I finally got my own place. “If you meet me halfway, I`m sure we can agree on the sale of the car. After a long discussion about their working conditions, the company decided to meet with her halfway and give it to her – Palestinians and Israelis must meet halfway if they all want to have a lasting peace between them. “My father was never able to meet my mother halfway. It was depressing to see how my mother always gave in to my father`s wishes. There is no clear origin for the sentence.

It is easy to conclude that it comes from the physical action of two people meeting in the middle. If you both have to travel far, it makes sense to meet you in the middle. So both covered a distance, but neither had to cover the entire distance. It makes people feel like they are not being taken advantage of. People are more willing to compromise if they feel the other person also has to give in a little. The agreement depends heavily on your willingness to meet them halfway. If you meet someone halfway, you compromise with them and accept some, but not all, of their demands in order to reach an agreement. Fabulous, not good – oh, but why should I say it is great, very helpful I was like at first sight love with it, so don`t ask me how much I like it, it`s not a tedious job, because I struggled with other sites, saves a lot of time and also money, which is really very important nowadays, So, my personal suggestion is to like the comments and also to share this page with all the grammar lovers in the world, so that none of them have any difficulty in their lives. If you have a question about idioms, ask us in our Idioms discussion forum. To Anushaka, the guy who commented above me: What the hell are you talking about, brother? If you know of a phrase that you would like to have listed here, please use our online form to suggest a sentence.